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Tough Stars Give Back, a non-profit organization, was created in 2016 by Gabriel Starling. Located in Fort Worth, Texas, TSGB promotes the awareness of Cancer and the FIGHT to end it.


TSGB was organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes in the greater Fort Worth areas.


To engage community partners in support of students, young professionals and the future leaders of Greater Fort Worth, Tarrant County.


1. Raise and donate funds to various organizations that help in cancer research. 

2. Literacy for our children of Fort Worth

3. Continued support through various

organizations for the future leaders of Fort Worth.

Gabriel Vazquez Starling was born in Duncanville, TX on March 10th, 2008.

Gabriel became a FortWorthian in the summer of 2016 and quickly became an active member in the greater Fort Worth community.

Gabriel’s passion for supporting others can be traced back to when he was 7 years old, where he spent significant time raising money and awareness on what Breast Cancer is and what Cancer does.


His goal and tagline: "No kid should ever be without a Mama," motivated him to raise more than $20,000 in 2017. He donated these funds to Cancer Care Services on behalf of his amazing friend, Emily McLaughlin.

Gabriel, 15, is in high school and, already, is the founder of his own nonprofit. The 501(c)3 Tough Stars Gives Back supports charitable and educational purposes with the goal of engaging the community and helping those in need.

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Gabriel Vazquez Starling


Gloria Vazquez Starling

Executive Board Members

Becky Ramirez - Vice President & Tough Kids 

Elaine Herrera - Treasurer 

Rosa Maria Berdeja - Vice President of Public Relations & Tough Ladies Co-Chair

Ben Robertson- Secretary

Board Members

Dr. Adrian Cantu - Volunteers Chair

Leticia Esparza - Tough Ladies Co-Chair

Ernie Gomez - Tough Guys Chair

Richard Knight - Sponsorship Chair

Reginald Robinson - Board Member

Shelby Rodriguez - Marketing Chair

Juan Carlos Torres - Logistics Chair

Lorena Vargas - Board Member

Committee Members

Jerry Cantu - Tough Kids Co-Chair

Dr. Melondy Doddy-Muñoz - Volunteers Committee

Josh Friend - Volunteers Committee

Diego Huerta - Volunteers Committee

Brenda Matamoros-Beveridge - Logistics Committee

Diego Huerta - Volunteer Committee

Victor Neil - Logistics Committee

Israel Padilla - Volunteers Committee

Bee Salas - Logistics Committee

Sevynth Thomas - Logistics Committee


George Apodaca - Photographer

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