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North Texas Moms Fighting Cancer Treated to Day of Pampering

Gabe Starling founded a nonprofit focused on finding a cure for cancer when he was only 7 years old

By Deborah Ferguson • Published May 4, 2022 | Credit: NBC 5 News

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2021 Hispanic Heritage Month


2020 40 Under 40

2020 40 Under 40 Young Achiever Award: Gabriel Linton Starling, 12

(Published July 2, 2020 | Credit: Fort Worth Business Press)

Read Fort Worth

Tough Stars Gives Back and our Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce kicked off Gabriel's local campaign for grade-level reading. This local Fort Worth campaign raised $11,000 so far in 2019 thanks to Gabriel and is ambition to get kids reading this summer.


Something Good: Boy, 10, Creates Nonprofit to Give Back

A boy in Fort Worth is onto something that adults need to remember, too: It's important to give back.

Published Oct 19, 2018 at 8:44 AM | Credit: NBC 5 News)

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Something Good: Tough Guys Give Back

A North Texas boy's mission to help his mom's friend, who's battling cancer, is something good. (Published Thursday, Mar 16, 2017 | Credit: NBC 5 News)

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9-Year-Old Leads Fundraising Effort to Fight Cancer

It started with three words that an 8-year-old boy asked one day after overhearing his mother’s phone conversation: “What is cancer?”

Published Thursday, June 22, 2017 - 10:45am | Credit: Fort Worth Magazine 

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